SUR Essential Oil +ASMR beginner’s user guide

ASMR, aka Brain-gasm, is a euphoric tingling sensation so intense that it releases tensions, leaving a relaxed feeling throughout the entire body. (learn more)

SUR combines aromatherapy with brain-massage ASMR videos to give you a brain relaxing SPA experiences that releases stress, promotes better sleep and brings you joy and serenity.

Steps for an aromatherapy enhanced ASMR experience:

  1. Be somewhere you’re comfortable, whether it be sitting or lying down, and in a secluded, quiet environment.
  2. Use a pair of headphones for listening since ASMR is strengthened when the sounds are alternated from ear to ear.
  3. Add purified water to the diffuser, add a few drops of SUR organic essential oil to the water (start with 2-3 drops and add more as desired) and turn on the diffuser.
  4. Take a steady breath in for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds. Pay attention to the scent and how it calms your body and mind.
  5. Find an audio or video clip that triggers your ASMR.

 Don’t know which ASMR videos to watch? No worries, try these SUR+ASMR video suggestions to get you started.

Try your hand at ASMR:

To find out what triggers your ASMR response, try the following videos with Tinglicious essential oil blend. Feel free to skip through the video until you find a sound that suits you, and then search for more videos with the same type of sounds. ASMR is all about personalizing the experience to your taste:



 For Positivity & Mindfulness (or Simply Bored)

Reset your day with a positive outlook and a focused-mind with a Brain-Massage by using Tinglicious with this video. This video literally makes us feel like our brain is (somehow) being massaged:


To Get a Good Night Sleep:

After a long day, take a hot bath and try A Thousand Z’s with this video to put yourself gently asleep:


For Stress-Relief:

 Feeling stressed from the daily grind? Give yourself a break by using Just Relax with this video:


Feeling Adventurous?

Trying this ASMR roleplay video,  made by the famous youtube ASMRtist WhisperAudios ASMR, commissioned by SUR, to give you a special treatment at the salon.  


Celebrity ASMR:

W Magazine interviews famous celebrities as they experiment with ASMR to trigger tingles and relaxation. The sounds and whispers massage the head and ears while you learn more about these high profile people.

Cardi B Explores #ASMR​ | W Magazine


Gal Gadot Explores #ASMR​ | W Magazine


See the full list of celebrity ASMR playlist from W Magazine: Including Cardi B, Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie,Rita Ora etc.


Once you get past the initial cringe and allow yourself to indulge in a sound, you may shock yourself with the positive effects it can have on your state of mind.  Used with SUR’s original blends of organic essential oils, ASMR listeners often report reduced feelings of anxiety and stress. It can also help with falling asleep quicker and experiencing better quality of sleep.

 Top tips:

-Have fun and experiment with mix and matching different SUR formulas to create your own blend of aroma that works best for your personal ASMR experience.

- We would recommend is to diffuse some SUR essential oil and popping some ASMR on in the background whilst you’re studying or working. Not only will it hopefully bring you some relaxation, it is way less distracting than music but means you’re also not working in complete silence.

- Oh, and don’t forget to use good headphones to optimize your listening experience!